K Log, LLC
Specialized Transportation


What People Are Saying About Us

Jeremy & Ken are easy to work with and keep things simple and on time. Ken and Lamar are both excellent drivers and interact well with our clients that are taking delivery of our items. Communication is key in the delivery of our items and the K Log team does an excellent job of keeping everyone up to date! I am very selective when choosing a freight carrier and I have never regretted hiring K Log!
— Jon Mast, Mast Tractor Sales LLC

Freight Brokers have always gotten a bad reputation for greed, half truths, and poor customer service. I’ve been in transportation for 40+ years; more than half as a Brokerage business owner and/or a United Vision Logistics Broker. Partnering with the right carriers is critical to successful customer growth and retention.

Jeremy and I have worked together for several years and I have tremendous respect for his professionalism, commitment and service. In this industry, things (opportunities) are fluid and I suspect Jeremy has had several chances at better loads but he has never accepted a load and then backed away for any reason. I’ve loaded K Log, LLC multiple times; they are on time, always polite, and very professional. I really enjoy working with Jeremy and K Log, LLC and see them as real partners in providing exceptional transportation service to my customers.
— John Sullivan, United Vision Logistics